ACP: The Final Night

Way back in 1993 when the original series of ACP was winding down, one of the magazines (not sure which one) in conjunction with Channel Seven held a contest where the prize was a 16X20 signed, matted, and framed picture of the cast from the final episode. Last summer, this picture came up for auction online and I had to get it. It had been slightly damaged over the years and had a new perspex cover but the photo looks great and still has the original signed matting.

I’m looking for (a) the person who originally won the picture and (b) a copy of the advertisement for the contest (I could have sworn I had a copy of it but I think that’s one of things that’s been lost over the years since I started this site). If you can help with either of the above, let me know.

Last week (before “black Wednesday” as I like to call it, when my hard drive imploded), I was going through my ACP tape collection and decided to rewatch the one and a half hour special that aired before and after the final episode in 1993. Wow, what a nostalgic rush. Anyway, I decided to try to type up a transcript of that special, since I don’t currently have the technology to capture video clips of it. So, that is in the works right now along with other things.

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