So, what updates are in the pipeline?

Let’s see. I’ve given up (for now) all thoughts of redesigning the site so I’ll be concentrating (when I’m working here) on adding new content and updating the pages that are already here. Having decided that, now there are all kinds of things waiting in the wings to be brought onstage. They will hopefully be slowly making their appearances over the next couple of months (can’t guarantee how quickly, though).

Among the plans (not in any particular order) are:

  • A section of articles about the show and/or the actors who appeared in it;
  • A virtual tour of some of the locations used in the show (including photos taken in 2002 and a panoramic 180 degree shot from Pitt Town Lagoon (where Vicky and Simon stripped down to their undies to rescue a cow on their first date) to Pitt Town);
  • A section for personal reminiscences and/or reviews (by anyone who would like to include their thoughts), possibly as part of a larger “fan section” (code-named “Magnolia Vale”) that would contain fan fiction and other contributions from you guys;
  • Photos of some ACP memorabilia that I have (not that I have a lot of that but I’ll be uploading images and info about what I have). If anyone has some classic ACP memorabilia that you’d like to share with other fans, please let me know and I’ll put pics of them up in the Supply Room/Memorablia section;
  • Some additional show and cast photos;
  • The remaining cast biographies (which I had partly done but lost with the hard drive problems);
  • The remaining descriptions for episodes that I actually have (the rest will obviously have to wait until someone takes pity on me and writes them up for me as the show is reaired in other countries);
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