Changes are a comin’

Expect a new site design, along with some new content, to be unveiled sometime around or before late November. The coming design is fairly different from the current one in that the different sections, though still bearing the same names as they do now, will no longer have their own colour schemes and the content tables will no longer be hard coded at 600 pixels the way they are now.

If I manage to find a job in the near future, expect updates to be made on a regular basis. If, on the other hand, I don’t find a job here by the end of November, I will likely end up having to move across country. Which means that any pending updates at that time will be on hold while I pack and move.

Which brings up another point. This site has never had and will never have advertisements or affiliate links. I pay for the hosting and upkeep of this site myself (well, technically, right now I’m getting some help with the hosting costs but that can’t last forever). When I was gainfully employed, that wasn’t a problem but it could become one in the near future. I have had people ask before how they could help in this respect so after much soul searching, I’ve decided to add donation links for anyone who feels they’d like to contribute to the site. Please remember that donating is absolutely, positively voluntary and not expected of anyone.

Donate towards my web hosting bill!.

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