Adventures at the Bytown Cat Hospital

Dropped off Mots at the vet’s this morning to get his teeth cleaned. Nothing major but they have to put him under in order to do it. He hasn’t had to have general anaesthesia since he got neutered when he was a baby and he’s a lot older than that now — I’m worried about him there. He gets very stressed out by the vet clinic and his anxiety has been escalating with every visit (which is why I avoid taking him as much as I can). This time I even had to wrestle him into the carrier, which I never have to do. It breaks my heart every time.

The first time I took him to the vet, I was able to hold onto him for a few minutes before he freaked out and turned into a feral bobcat, all teeth and razor-sharp claws. He slipped out of the exam cubicle and into the cat-themed gift shop next door before anyone could catch him. It took five of us (one vet, three vet assistants, and me) to corner him and get him into the carrier. The next time, they actually had to spend more time patching me up than examining him because he got me good with his claws (I was taking blood thinners at the time so I bled a lot). Now, we don’t even dare open the carrier door — they have dump him into a bag and then mask him to knock him out a bit just to give him a checkup. He’s scary when he wakes up after that, let me tell you. Growling, hissing, spitting, and lunging at the front of the carrier. Scares all the other cat owners in the waiting room. LOL But then he’s a pathetic little creature when he realizes he’s really going home — the change from wild creature in the clinic to sorrowful baby as soon as we get in the cab is startling.

Have to leave him there today until after 4pm and I’m finding myself decidedly uncomfortable in my own home. We’ve been together since a couple of weeks after I moved into this apartment — this is the first time since he arrived here that I’ve been in this apartment without him here and I feel very, very alone. Weird, eh? Can’t imagine how bad I’d be when (no, IF because he’s going to live forever, dammit!) he’s no longer here. :-(

Hopefully he won’t hold this vet visit against me for too long.

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