Competition is good

Just learned that Yahoo is improving their Mail Plus! service to something that actually makes me think kind thoughts about Yahoo for a change. I wonder if it is in response to the competition waiting in the wings from Google’s Gmail which offers (or rather will offer, when it is publicly released — it’s in beta testing right now) 1GB of email space. In any case, it all now makes Hotmail seem really crappy in comparison.

The way it used to work was that a regular Yahoo account used to get you 4MB of space for free. You could upgrade to a 10MB mail box for $9.95 a year or 25MB for $19.99 a year. And could add some additional extras for an additional minimal fee (e.g. I was paying $29.95 for the 25MB mail box with the ability to use multiple email addresses within the same Yahoo account and increased filtering capabilities). All of that was known as Mail Plus!.

Now, Mail Plus! only costs $19.95 a year and comes with a 2GB mail box and no graphical ads (that’s what makes me actually almost like Yahoo now). Don’t know if that means no ads at all ever but right now it there are none. Even if all they did was get rid of the graphical ones (especially the Java and Flash ones), I’d be a happy camper.

Gotta love unexpected improvements. My hosting company recently improved my hosting plan to an obscene amount of space and bandwidth and actually reduced the monthly fee in the process. I like this trend towards offering more for less. :-)

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