Magnolia Vale

Been thinking about all the things I need to do on the site and, of course, as I’m thinking of that, other possibilities keep coming to mind. The visual redesign of the site is going much faster now and hopefully that will be ready before the end of August. Once that is done, the addition of content will go much more quickly as my mind won’t be so preoccupied. Here’s the latest look to the redesign (just slightly different from before):

I’ve been thinking especially about the pending Magnolia Vale section (no, I haven’t forgotten about you, Bonnie :-) ). It’s going to be a fan section and is intended, if you’ll recall, to contain fan fiction, artwork, silliness, and other things like that. I’ve been thinking about how to best set it up and have been considering the possibility of setting it up in a blog format with a number of people having rights to post there. Not sure if there’s an interest there or not. And I’m being hampered right now by the fact that I injured my right hand in a freak dumpster accident (don’t ask) along with the fact that I’m taking some courses and am just trying to get through my work day without killing someone.

Anyway, I might start a poll to see if anyone has any interest in that type of thing (a communal blog type thing).

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