The lucrative world of Aussie mags…

I like to do the odd bit of bidding in eBay (usually on Australian magazines, I’m sure you can guess why).

Some of the magazine auctions must have their respective sellers just shaking their heads at how high the bidding goes. It has me laughing for the most part, even when I’m outbid, because I’m usually watching two or three people duking it out over a magazine when each person really wants a different part of the magazine. They *could* conceivably share articles with each other and keep the price of the magazines down to something reasonable.

Usually, the people jacking up the price of the magazine are looking for completely unrelated articles and will not be outbid come hell or high water. Other times, you can see that they’re after the same thing. I’ve only once been fighting over the same articles, with someone who was after Penny Cook articles (usually we’re after different articles) — sometimes you just want to yell at the other person to just stop bidding and you’ll share the articles. LOL There’s an auction on right now for a magazine that had a couple of ACP-related articles. I was considering bidding on it but today I see that the bidding is currently at $51.00. Both people seem to be fighting over a Rachel Blakely article that isn’t even a page long. Now, I’ve been known to pay a pretty high price for some magazines but those generally had either multiple articles or a much coveted article/poster.

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