Went looking today to see if the old Delphi forum I’d created was still there. It is. Hasn’t been touched really since about 2002 or so — hasn’t been in active use since 2001-ish. But it’s all still there. What a blast from the past. You want to know about the original core group of fans, that’s the place to go. We were watching the later episodes at the time it all started up so there’s a decided Rosemary/Terence obsession evident there but it’s all great fun to read through. (Framisobal, I miss ya.) 

I remember now why I’ve been away from updating the site for so long. I have a reeeeaaaallllyyy hard time not trying to update the sections as I update them. Each time I open a section up, I remember what I was in the middle of doing there and what I had/have planned for it. The fight to not update takes almost as much time and energy as just doing it. So, despite the fact that I’ve been slaving over hot Web pages for the last several days, I don’t actually have many full sections completed and uploadable. But the updated site as a whole is further along the road to completion and that’s really the important thing.

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