If you wait long enough…

…you don’t have to finish anything.

Such has been my history with redesigning this site. Long before I ever complete a redesign, I either get bored with the new look, tired of the sheer amount of work involved, or sidetracked by other things.

So, here we are. This site redesign has been taking so freaking long that I’ve changed my plans. (Several times, in fact, but you really only care about the latest decision because that’s the one that I’m actually going with.)

After leaping in head first to help redesign a rodeo site using Joomla earlier this year, I’ve decided to convert the Hospital to Joomla as well. Once I’ve got the design tweaking nailed down, converting the actual content will be much faster than with the current design/redesign because I won’t have to worry about the infrastructure, just the content.

At the risk of sounding like I have many other times before, I don’t envision this taking very long (I realize that “very long” is a relative term. For example, the current redesign has been underway since 2004. That’s a very long “very long”. This will be much shorter.) The design tweaking for the Joomla version should take no more than a month or so to complete. The content conversion should take another month or two. (Keep in mind that I won’t be working on the site full-time.)

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the site at this domain (it was officially opened on August 2, 1999) so my plan is to get this all completed by August 2, 2009. That’s over two months away (70.5 days, to be exact) so it should be doable.

I’ll keep you posted.

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