What’s on your wishlist?

What will updating the site include?

  1. New site design (throughout the entire site, with all existing pages either converted or removed if no longer in use), using Joomla. Existing pages will be converted and cleaned up (possibly even rewritten). Pages that are no longer in use (such as the webrings page) will be removed.
  2. All regular cast biography pages will be completed and/or updated.
  3. Crew information and guests will be as complete as possible (given that I don’t currently have access to all of the episodes).
  4. The Channel Ten show section will be completed.
  5. Additional content will be added to the Supply Room and Exam Cubicle sections.

What will updating the site not include (at least not by August 2, 2009)?

  1. Being realistic, it’s probably not going to include any additional episode guides. I know that 70 days sounds like a long time, but it really isn’t. Once the new CMS is implemented, though, it will be much easier to add that information and so episodes will be updated as I can get to them, maybe one or two every week or two starting in mid-August.
  2. It also may not include all of the articles and photos that I have on hand. I’m going to try to get them all in on time, but if they aren’t all ready by the deadline, the stragglers will come in the days and weeks following the August 2 deadline.

What would you like to see on the site?

Besides it actually being updated regularly, I mean. And all the missing bits and pieces (like cast bios and the like) being finally filled in. Is there anything that isn’t currently on the site and not on the “to do” list for the site that you’d like to see here?

For example, I had been considering restarting the forum again. Does anyone want that? Jodi’s Yahoo mailing list is nice (though I admit I don’t venture there very often) but there’s something to be said for an actual forum, one that isn’t hidden behind a locked door.

What else would you like to see here? Now’s the time to tell me, so leave a comment (or drop me an email) and let me know what’s on your wishlist.


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  1. Denise Hardingham July 31st, 2009 8:33 pm

    After attending a business networking event the other night where my past acting career came into conversation I was prompted to see if the episode of A Country Practice I guest stared in was floating around the web. That search led me to this site and I thought I’d respond to this blog.
    I played Becks (referred to on this site as “Becky”, but I assure you she was anything but a Becky)in “The Sting” (episodes 737 & 738). I was then Denise Sands, now Denise Hadingham. My acting career really commenced with this role at the tender age of 13. I remained in the industry for another ten years before making the decision that it was time for a career change. ACP remains a very fond memory. The cast & crew were absolutely lovelly and there was simply nothing pretencious about ACP & everyone was very nurturing and supportive of such a young actor on the set.
    The “blurbs” always speak of Becks in this episode but it is note worthy that there were two other guest stars in the first episode set in Sydney one of whom was an 18 year old Toni Collette. I beleive my first line on TV was “You knicked my smokes you slag” directed at Toni’s character Tracy ( If memory serves).
    So Toni went on to become an international star and to this day my favourite job ever was in the cast of Australia’s Wonderland!
    I married a British Stained Glass Artist – Sean Hardingham & I now co-own and manage our Stained Glass studio in Sydney. Shortly we will be launching our new range of jewellery designs under “Dingham Design”.
    Well, now you have at least two names for your guest star list. The guy who played Gavin was called Chris although his surname escapes me. I saw him in 1996 ish auditioning for WAPA – he did get in so you might find out more about him there.

  2. a bos November 23rd, 2009 4:00 am

    I used to watch te series on Dutch TV. Being a new Australian at one time, it could appreciate the humor an the slang no end.
    Nowadays I’m scouring the internet for a DVD release of the series. We get a lot of Australian sitcoms here on TV but unfortunately it takes local knowledge to fully appreciate them since most of the clues are lost in translation.

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