This blog is a part of the Wandin Valley Bush Nursing Hospital site at¬†acountrypractice.com. It’s, well, it’s a blog, and it contains thoughts, ramblings, updates, and other information related to the Wandin Valley Bush Nursing Hospital and the defunct Australian television soap opera, A Country Practice.

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  1. Paul November 7th, 2008 10:39 am

    Hello All ACP Fans,

    Well, this site is intriguing, as I have been able to post a couple of messages over the past day or so, on different parts of this site. So, I am repeating myself with what I am saying. Great to find out that there are fellow admirers of the series.

    I remember watching this series in the 80′s in the UK, recording it on VHS and watching it at week-ends. Having received all the currently available DVD’s, those memories are coming back, just as if it was yesterday.

    I watched it as a qualified nurse then, (still am), and it so reminds me of the nursing/doctor culture that existed at that time. I mention in another message, that watching it is deliciously corny. I trained as a nurse at the back-end of the old nurse training in the UK, qualifying as an “SRN” in 1978. Much of the conversations I hear between the staff at Wandin Valley do seem to reflect the reality of the hospital world at that time. Of course, that has all changed, and speaking for myself, that is one of the reasons I left mainstream nursing within the NHS.

    I am still only on Series 2, and relish getting to grips with the characters that are developing so well.

    Best wishes all


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