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Joan Sydney makes brief appearance in Undercover Boss Australia

Joan Sydney’s son Tony Braxton-Smith, who is the┬áCEO of Great Southern Railway, was featured on the first episode of the second season of Undercover Boss Australia, which aired on September 12, 2011. (He is Joan’s eldest child and described himself on the show as “a love child”.)

The episode included some early pictures of Joan as well as footage of a dinner with Joan and Tony’s family where Tony announced her would appear on Undercover Boss.

I don’t know that I would have immediately recognized Joan just from the current day footage — it’s amazing how much your physiology changes as you grow older — but her voice is unmistakably Matron Sloan.

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Funky stats for a little girl

You wouldn’t believe the number of hits this site gets from people looking for information about an adult film actress bearing the same name as a certain daughter of Molly and Brendan.

Can you picture the disappointment on their faces when they see that the C h l o e J o n e s mentioned on this site is just a little girl…and a fictional one at that. LOL Actually, wait…that could be kind of creepy. Still, wish I could just not turn up in those searches without having to change every page (guides, character pages, etc.) where those two names show up on the same page.

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So, what updates are in the pipeline?

Let’s see. I’ve given up (for now) all thoughts of redesigning the site so I’ll be concentrating (when I’m working here) on adding new content and updating the pages that are already here. Having decided that, now there are all kinds of things waiting in the wings to be brought onstage. They will hopefully be slowly making their appearances over the next couple of months (can’t guarantee how quickly, though).

Among the plans (not in any particular order) are:

  • A section of articles about the show and/or the actors who appeared in it;
  • A virtual tour of some of the locations used in the show (including photos taken in 2002 and a panoramic 180 degree shot from Pitt Town Lagoon (where Vicky and Simon stripped down to their undies to rescue a cow on their first date) to Pitt Town);
  • A section for personal reminiscences and/or reviews (by anyone who would like to include their thoughts), possibly as part of a larger “fan section” (code-named “Magnolia Vale”) that would contain fan fiction and other contributions from you guys;
  • Photos of some ACP memorabilia that I have (not that I have a lot of that but I’ll be uploading images and info about what I have). If anyone has some classic ACP memorabilia that you’d like to share with other fans, please let me know and I’ll put pics of them up in the Supply Room/Memorablia section;
  • Some additional show and cast photos;
  • The remaining cast biographies (which I had partly done but lost with the hard drive problems);
  • The remaining descriptions for episodes that I actually have (the rest will obviously have to wait until someone takes pity on me and writes them up for me as the show is reaired in other countries);
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ACP: The Final Night

Way back in 1993 when the original series of ACP was winding down, one of the magazines (not sure which one) in conjunction with Channel Seven held a contest where the prize was a 16X20 signed, matted, and framed picture of the cast from the final episode. Last summer, this picture came up for auction online and I had to get it. It had been slightly damaged over the years and had a new perspex cover but the photo looks great and still has the original signed matting.

I’m looking for (a) the person who originally won the picture and (b) a copy of the advertisement for the contest (I could have sworn I had a copy of it but I think that’s one of things that’s been lost over the years since I started this site). If you can help with either of the above, let me know.

Last week (before “black Wednesday” as I like to call it, when my hard drive imploded), I was going through my ACP tape collection and decided to rewatch the one and a half hour special that aired before and after the final episode in 1993. Wow, what a nostalgic rush. Anyway, I decided to try to type up a transcript of that special, since I don’t currently have the technology to capture video clips of it. So, that is in the works right now along with other things.

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