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As old as my tongue

But slightly older than my teeth…

Just realized that I’m exactly half as old as Queen Elizabeth today. Weird the things you notice sometimes. Always knew we had the same birthday but could never remember her age.

That makes both of us mighty old. Mighty, mighty old. :-D

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Hotmail sucks!

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Hotmail? No? Never? Well, let me tell you all about it now. I *HATE* Hotmail with a passion and I’m sorry I ever set up an account with them, especially one that I put on every page of this website (oh where is Dreamweaver when you need it!).

I’m tired of the account getting deactivated and all the emails getting deleted from it. Shall I tell you how many dozens of MBs of emails related to ACP that I’ve lost over the years because of that policy?

I’m tired of the reams of spam it gets just by nature of it being a Hotmail account. Hotmail accounts attract spammers just like Windows attracts virus and adware mongers.

I’m just sick and tired of it. I won’t be reactivating the klmacalpine Hotmail address any time soon, if at all. So, if you’re trying to reach me about the ACP, either email me at webmaster at this domain or post a message in the guestbook and I’ll be sure to see it. When I get a spare moment (jeez, when did I last have a spare moment to think about this web site?), I’ll try to do something about the email addresses on the site.

Sorry for any inconvenience any of this causes.

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Unemployment sucks

I seem to be losing all track of time when it comes to keeping up with this site. Right now, like many other times, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that this site is taking a far back seat to Real Lifeā„¢ issues. In this instance, that means looking for a job. If I don’t find a job by the end of the year, I pretty much have to move as I won’t be able to afford to live where I am. What that means when it comes to this site, I can’t really say except to say that it won’t surprise you if my mind and energies are occupied for the next little while. I will try to work on updates but they will be few and far between. Bear with me, like you have been all this time.

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Wish me luck!

I’ve had a couple of job interviews this month that should hopefully be coming to a decision in the next week or two. One is a permanent job as a customer service rep with a corporate insurance company that seems very intriguing and the other is a contract technical writer position with the federal government (writing aviation-related technical documents).

Either one would be great to have — each offers interesting work in a nice environment with good people. I was one of five interviewed for the insurance job (just waiting to hear back about a second interview now) and I just found out I have been short listed for the government contract job (short listed to the point that I just got security clearance forms to fill out and an appointment to get fingerprinted, though I haven’t actually gotten a job offer yet — I don’t quite understand what’s going on there).

Anyway, once I’ve got a job (contract or permanent), I’ll be able to put my mind on things that I’ve gotten behind on…like this site. I am working on updates and a redesign now but my mind still isn’t fully on it. So, wish me luck that one of the pending jobs actually results in an offer. :-)

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Where’ve you been, Kitty?

Mmmm, sorry for the gap in notes (of course, someone other than me would have to be reading these notes to have noticed). Got sidetracked by some other things. I’m a volunteer editor with a site called the Open Directory Project — it’s a web directory manned by thousands of volunteers that is used by a number of other sites including the Google Directory (not to be mistaken for the Google Search Engine). Anyway, I got promoted to Meta editor (the top level of editors) there early in June and have been busy getting used to my new responsibilities. So, no time for much else besides looking for a job and trying to survive.

I’ve also been toying with changing the design of the site a bit, introducing some cascading style sheets to the coding to make upkeep of the pages easier in the future. I’ll be doing that on a section-by-section basis starting with the episode guides and then the cast biographies since those two sections already have their own looks. So you’re gradually going to start seeing changes to the look of the site — changes to the look of most of the pages, though, won’t happen for quite some time as I’m still going to try to concentrate on adding content rather than changing the appearance for the time being.

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