Where in the world is Kitty?

Wow, have I really not posted in here since November of last year? My bad. My extremely big bad.

I could have at least posted to say that the forum is temporarily offline. That would have been the decent thing to do, wouldn’t it. We were getting SQL errors and so I decided to upgrade the software in an effort to clear those up. Unfortunately that brought it’s own issues with it. I haven’t had time to look at it so unfortunately the forums will be offline for a few weeks (or possibly months) yet. Sorry about that.

The new job is going well but most of my energy is going towards that these days. I’m also taking some classes that are stealing any spare energy I have. I haven’t forgotten about this site, though. I have reams of stuff to add but I need to get that redesign completed first. Work will ease up in November/December (and hopefully my contract will be renewed by then) so I should be able to get stuck back into things by then.

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The lucrative world of Aussie mags…

I like to do the odd bit of bidding in eBay (usually on Australian magazines, I’m sure you can guess why).

Some of the magazine auctions must have their respective sellers just shaking their heads at how high the bidding goes. It has me laughing for the most part, even when I’m outbid, because I’m usually watching two or three people duking it out over a magazine when each person really wants a different part of the magazine. They *could* conceivably share articles with each other and keep the price of the magazines down to something reasonable.

Usually, the people jacking up the price of the magazine are looking for completely unrelated articles and will not be outbid come hell or high water. Other times, you can see that they’re after the same thing. I’ve only once been fighting over the same articles, with someone who was after Penny Cook articles (usually we’re after different articles) — sometimes you just want to yell at the other person to just stop bidding and you’ll share the articles. LOL There’s an auction on right now for a magazine that had a couple of ACP-related articles. I was considering bidding on it but today I see that the bidding is currently at $51.00. Both people seem to be fighting over a Rachel Blakely article that isn’t even a page long. Now, I’ve been known to pay a pretty high price for some magazines but those generally had either multiple articles or a much coveted article/poster.

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Magnolia Vale

Been thinking about all the things I need to do on the site and, of course, as I’m thinking of that, other possibilities keep coming to mind. The visual redesign of the site is going much faster now and hopefully that will be ready before the end of August. Once that is done, the addition of content will go much more quickly as my mind won’t be so preoccupied. Here’s the latest look to the redesign (just slightly different from before):

I’ve been thinking especially about the pending Magnolia Vale section (no, I haven’t forgotten about you, Bonnie :-) ). It’s going to be a fan section and is intended, if you’ll recall, to contain fan fiction, artwork, silliness, and other things like that. I’ve been thinking about how to best set it up and have been considering the possibility of setting it up in a blog format with a number of people having rights to post there. Not sure if there’s an interest there or not. And I’m being hampered right now by the fact that I injured my right hand in a freak dumpster accident (don’t ask) along with the fact that I’m taking some courses and am just trying to get through my work day without killing someone.

Anyway, I might start a poll to see if anyone has any interest in that type of thing (a communal blog type thing).

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I suppose it’s a sign that somehow or another this little really insignificant blog is turning up somewhere in the search engines but I could really do without the drive-by blog spammers. Blog spammers are people who hunt down blogs where they can post their crappy links to their crappy, half-assed sites (usually gambling ones in this case). Right up there with people who spam guestbooks and referrer logs.

They’re all idiots, I tell ya. Complete idiots, the lot of them. So much so, in fact, that a couple of them decided to bombard this blog with 120+ spammy entries today. Wasn’t that nice of them? [bastards!]

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Competition is good

Just learned that Yahoo is improving their Mail Plus! service to something that actually makes me think kind thoughts about Yahoo for a change. I wonder if it is in response to the competition waiting in the wings from Google’s Gmail which offers (or rather will offer, when it is publicly released — it’s in beta testing right now) 1GB of email space. In any case, it all now makes Hotmail seem really crappy in comparison.

The way it used to work was that a regular Yahoo account used to get you 4MB of space for free. You could upgrade to a 10MB mail box for $9.95 a year or 25MB for $19.99 a year. And could add some additional extras for an additional minimal fee (e.g. I was paying $29.95 for the 25MB mail box with the ability to use multiple email addresses within the same Yahoo account and increased filtering capabilities). All of that was known as Mail Plus!.

Now, Mail Plus! only costs $19.95 a year and comes with a 2GB mail box and no graphical ads (that’s what makes me actually almost like Yahoo now). Don’t know if that means no ads at all ever but right now it there are none. Even if all they did was get rid of the graphical ones (especially the Java and Flash ones), I’d be a happy camper.

Gotta love unexpected improvements. My hosting company recently improved my hosting plan to an obscene amount of space and bandwidth and actually reduced the monthly fee in the process. I like this trend towards offering more for less. :-)

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