Looks a little empty, don’t it?

Just remembered yet another file that has disappeared with my hard drive problems.

A few days before the corruption, I had downloaded a copy of the guestbook and emptied the one that was on the server. I was planning to create a static “archive” page of it, like the previous guestbooks. But, well, can’t do that now with it being gone and all. Drats!

So, if you posted a guestbook comment that isn’t in the current book and isn’t in any of the archived versions, feel free to post again.

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And other times it REALLY sucks

It never rains but it pours.

Let’s add an “Issue #3″ to the two issues in my previous post, shall we? Last week, while I was trying to upload some updates to the site that I’d been working on for well over a week, the hard drive on my iMac became corrupted (couldn’t even read it after booting up from a CD). So, I had to reformat the hard drive and try reinstalling the OS. Unfortunately, I’m also having troubles with the OS CD so I couldn’t get the OS reinstalled until yesterday. The crux of the matter, though, is that almost all the updates that I had in the works are now gone. Poof, gone like a puff of smoke. I’m able to recover the files back to November but, other than the pages that got uploaded before the corruption occurred, that means I’ve lost almost 4 months of work.

I know. I hear you saying “But Kitty, surely you are smart enough to back up your work as you go, aren’t you?” and under ordinary circumstances that would be true. Unfortunately, I used the very last of my severance pay money to buy this iMac, leaving nothing left over for frills like CD writers or external hard drives. And iMacs don’t come with floppy drives. So, the only backups I have are those items I managed to upload (using a really bad dial up connection) to my Web servers. I’ve recovered much of my source files (and everything currently visible on the sites) but not everything I’d been working on.

So, colour me a somewhat unhappy shade of bondi blue, though right now I’m just happy to have my computer back (I was able to do some work on my Thinkpad but it wasn’t the same). I’m slowly starting to the redo the stuff that is gone but it’s going to take me awhile to replace the stuff that I’d been working on.

Dare I ask for your continued patience?

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If a Mac crashes can you hear it scream?

This little blog is where I’m going to record the somewhat boring and tedious thoughts that go through my head as I’m updating (or trying to update) this site. It might includes some completely non-ACP related comments (depends on how my day’s going) but will mostly have to do with A Country Practice and/or my work on this site.

My Mac keeps crashing today…oh, wait…Macs don’t crash, do they. At least, that’s what the Apple switch commercials tell you. LOL No, Macs don’t crash, Macs just stop working and sit there like little Buddhas, contemplating their navels.

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