Deadlines are for schmucks

Looks like I’m not going to make my self-imposed “first week of September” deadline for uploading all of the changes/updates to the site. Converting the pages is taking a long time, due to Real Life constraints like work and sleep and the fact that I keep finding new content to add while I should be finishing up the conversions. Right now, I’m being sidetracked by reading up on the life of Lorrae Desmond and updating her biography page. Wow, what a life and career she’s had. Hardly know where to begin. The biography pages are taking longer than I thought they would as well because I keep finding additional obscure information (that probably no one but me will care about but what the hey!). Not to mention the photos I have to work on and the brand new content pieces like the tour and the articles. I need a clone.

Anyway, my aim for the first week of September is to just have the converted pages uploaded. Then I can work on the content with a clear conscience.

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