Where in the world is Kitty?

Wow, have I really not posted in here since November of last year? My bad. My extremely big bad.

I could have at least posted to say that the forum is temporarily offline. That would have been the decent thing to do, wouldn’t it. We were getting SQL errors and so I decided to upgrade the software in an effort to clear those up. Unfortunately that brought it’s own issues with it. I haven’t had time to look at it so unfortunately the forums will be offline for a few weeks (or possibly months) yet. Sorry about that.

The new job is going well but most of my energy is going towards that these days. I’m also taking some classes that are stealing any spare energy I have. I haven’t forgotten about this site, though. I have reams of stuff to add but I need to get that redesign completed first. Work will ease up in November/December (and hopefully my contract will be renewed by then) so I should be able to get stuck back into things by then.

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It’s 5 am — why am I still here?

*yawn* Sooooooo tired but brain working overtime so here it is again — 5 o’clock in the morning and Kitty is wide awake working on her computer. Oh look, the sun is coming up (grrr, and the pigeons are waking up and coming to her balcony).

Started setting up the new forums using one program, decided I didn’t like the fact that I couldn’t customize said program as much as I’d like to so decided last night to switch over to something else. Hence my current sleepless state. Got the sucker properly configured sometime early this morning and have been playing with settings ever since. It’ll take me the next couple of days (while I try to relearn how to sleep at night like everyone else) to finish fine tuning the configuration of the forum and then she’ll be up and running (and hopefully being used — it would really suck to be talking to myself both here and there). ;-)

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