The miracle of Google

Hmmm….Google….God….could be…it’s close. Miracles are a possibility where powers abound.

After someone tracked down my old personal page (which hasn’t been updated since Nov. 1998) through Google, I decided to check myself out in their search results. It’s a scary proposition if you spend any kind of presence on the Web. Let’s see….Tons (and I do mean tons) of references to my ODP editor profile page. The odd reference to my profile at other forums. That old personal web site coming back to bite me in the butt (I really should dismantle it one of these days). Geez, I really get around, don’t I. Who knew I’d been so many places (and who knew there was a little town near Jerusalim called Upper Motsa?).

Ah, and I see now why I get so much crap spam email at one of my email addresses. How nice of them to post my email address on the page like that. See, this is why I use Hotmail for my spam-catcher email address.

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