Still finding things…

It appears I’m not as doughheaded as I thought I was. I found the guestbook entries that I downloaded before my hard drive went byebye — on a different computer, thankfully. So, I’ll be adding that archived page onto the site at some point. A small thing but every little file that I find that I thought I’d lost forever is a bonus in my books.

Thanks to everyone who’s voted in the forum poll so far. It looks like it’ll be worthwhile for me to start working on adding a forum to this site so I’ll be working on that over the next few weeks. The forum will probably be the next “big” thing added to the site since it’s actually turning out to be not as much work as I thought it would be. I’ll be sending out an announcement when it’s up and running so stay tuned…

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Looks a little empty, don’t it?

Just remembered yet another file that has disappeared with my hard drive problems.

A few days before the corruption, I had downloaded a copy of the guestbook and emptied the one that was on the server. I was planning to create a static “archive” page of it, like the previous guestbooks. But, well, can’t do that now with it being gone and all. Drats!

So, if you posted a guestbook comment that isn’t in the current book and isn’t in any of the archived versions, feel free to post again.

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