Sometimes life just sucks

Well, dangnabbit! So much for good intentions. No matter what I think or hope I’m going to get done on this site, I never seem to even come close. Let me explain what’s been happening.

Issue #1: I was laid off late last year which put a crimp in (a) my state of mind and (b) my pocketbook. The second one means I couldn’t get some of the things I’ve been waiting to get for this site and the the first means I’m having a hard time placing this site super high on my list of priorities (job hunting and surviving comes first).

Issue#2: I was so close to finishing the new design of the site (which turned out to be more than a simple graphical update) when I decided I didn’t like it anymore. And that was pretty much it. I now have to start the redesign over from scratch …which is already planned out but is dependant upon some things I can’t buy because of issue #1.

Sooooooooo, any updates that are going to go up in the near future will likely be relatively minor — episode descriptions and such. Everything else is really going to have to wait until I can finish up the redesign. Sorry about that but you’ve been waiting so long anyway that I doubt a few months will matter too much. I want to continue to stress, though, that I have not and will not abandon this site. Unfortunately, A Country Practice issues and this web site have to take a back seat to my own personal reality right now. I will be adding a trickle of new items very slowly over the next several months — check out the What’s New page for details of what those items are.

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