Brian’s controversial ad

Per Bedroom ad ruled offensive to men (The Age, May 27, 2009), the Advertising Standards Bureau has forced an Advanced Medical Institute commercial, which featured Brian Wenzel as a police man in a bedroom telling the man in the bed he won’t ticket him for speed if he gets help for his problem, to be pulled from the air. AMI is apparently appealing the decision (ABC News: Men ‘vilified and shamed’ by bedroom police ad – ABC Online).

(See portions of the commercial in an April news slip on Youtube.)

Personally, I don’t see the issue. But, then, I’m not in their target demographic. I wonder — were the people who complained people who might actually benefit from the service but were offended by the delivery, or just the usual suspects who feel it is their duty to complain at the drop of a hat on behalf of someone else?


McLeod’s Daughters

Hmmm, had a guestbook visit from the owner of the Fans of McLeods website today. Looks like an interesting show (wish we got it here…wait a minute, I don’t have cable….nevermind) and the website is incredibly well-designed (gotta love finding someone else who colour-codes their sections).

Anyway, getting to the point here, Wendy Strehlow made a guest appearance in episode 34 of McLeod’s Daughters which aired July 24, 2002 .

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Not an Australia soap but a good Canadian show

the eleventh hour

Am watching “The Eleventh Hour” right now while I work on the site. This is a Canadian-made show about the world of investigative journalism. Not too bad, especially if you’re like me and only get CTV and CBC on your TV (boy I miss my digitial cable).

One of the characters said to Sonja Smits‘ character, Megan, “Well, you’re from…down east, aren’t you? Newfoundland?” only to be told that Megan is from Halifax. “It’s the same thing, isn’t it?”. NOT. I can’t count the number of times someone who isn’t from the Maritimes has told me that so and so was from the same place I am (which to me means Halifax or at the very most somewhere in Nova Scotia) only to learn that the person they’re talking about is from Newfoundland. No, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia aren’t the same thing. It’s like saying Sydney and Melbourne are the same thing — they might both be on the eastern side of the country but they’re definitely not the same place.

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